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I wonder if it matters if an average person eats the same amount of food distributed between a few (2-3) meals during the day, or constantly having small snacks.

I'm interested in several aspects of such food consumption:

  • How does it affect appetite?
  • How does it affect fat accumulation?
  • Are there any notable side effects caused by either way of eating?
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1)Eating little with many breaks is healthy.. Eating rarely and lot increases your fat... The logic is simple..

Before the Logic..let me tell a fact.. In mammals:conversion from glucose to fatty acids has a direct pathway.. but there is no 'Direct Pathway' for conversion of fats to glucose..(But in plants both pathways are direct..)

So If you eat more food at one time.. the glucose which body needs is used and the remaining glucose is converted to fat.. when the body again needs glucose.. it needs to take a long pathway to convert fat into glucose(* only if you work).. by that time your Hypothalamus gets a signal and you feel hungry.. (and then you again eat a lot.. and the process continues.. with more accumulation of fat in your body)..

But in the little meals there is no accumulation of fat..

2)in either case the Appetitie is affected in normal and same way.. 3) there are no side effects for either pathway.. but you have side effects from the fat accumulated.. :P

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Eating many small meals or eating large meals is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is getting the right amount of calories needed for your body to function properly. Fat accumulation does not happen if you do not go over your daily calorie limit. After a big meal your food is not only stored as fat but as a polysaccharide form of glucose called glycogen that is stored in the liver and or muscles for later use. Therefore, there is no better way to eat, it depends on what size you like your meals to be as long as you stay within your calorie range.

See for more information.

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