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Rumors going around.

Is there research with real form of life based on non-carbon?

Or carbon-life is only one what human's history of biology know?

Carbon chauvinism

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See thewestheimerinstitute.org/pubs/… –  gavenkoa May 15 at 19:07

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In a word, no. There are some good chemical reasons to expect all life to be carbon-based. Of course, it is no longer a silly fantasy to imagine an artificial intelligence that might qualify as life. (Still FAAAARRRR in the future, though, if ever.)

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Thank you. Is there any proof of unpossibility of existence the non-carbon life, e.g. phosphorus-based or boron-based? Or this is hypothesis, similar to those where talked "The Earth based on 3 elephants, 3 elephants based on turtle, etc..." –  perpetuity Oct 9 '13 at 8:43

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