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Recently in the research areas we come across the term "Power Nap" which says after a nice lunch it would be nice to get a nap for 20-30 minutes which will make the body relaxed and fresh afterwards. Most of the people experience sleepiness in the afternoon(irritating for students and employees but most of them can't sleep).

From the first link given it says:

  1. Don't delay your nap, napping after 4 or 6pm might degrade your night sleep or reduce your sleep quality. And
  2. Apparently 80% of nappers sleep worse after an afternoon nap, and only 20% sleep better.

My question is "Why sleeping for say more than 1 hour or more than the power nap threshold degrades our Night sleep" ? Also what changes in the brain takes place during good power nap and excessive power nap which degrades the night sleep cycle ?

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