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My note about which I am not sure:

Secondary oocyte is arrested in the metaphase II monthly after puberty until fertilization with sperm.

The following picture also satisfies my sentence: enter image description here.

So you can see that the secondary oocyte that is arrested seems to be Graafian.

I know that Graafian develops during the second week. I know that the secondary follicle is developing two days before ovulation. It seems that the development of the secondary follicle ends and the formation of Graafian follicle occurs just before ovulation. My lecture material suggests that Graafian follicle is arrested in metaphase II, since Graafian follicle is ovulated once in a month and waits sperm in tuba uterina infundibulum:

enter image description here

The answer to my question is not also clear from my previous thread:

An oocyte completes meiosis I as its follicle matures (during ovulation) resulting in a secondary oocyte and the FIRST polar body. After ovulation, each oocyte continues to metaphase of meiosis II.

Which follicle is arrested in the metaphase II of oogenesis?

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Graafian follicle.

The secondary oocyte and thus Graafian follicle are arrested in the second metaphase of oogenesis. After this the corpus luteum develops from the follicle during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle.

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