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After watching this SciShow video on sleep, I wonder about lucid dreaming.

Specifically: Does lucid dreaming and associated directed agency within Lucid Dreaming decrease the regenerative effect of sleep?

That is, if I gained the skill of lucid dreaming - would I be negatively tampering with the brain's autonomous healing processes for the period that I had conscious control or even simply objective awareness during sleep?

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I am not sure about biology, but from what I feel of lucid dreaming, I, contrary to decreasing the regenerative effect on sleep, can increase it, since I am able to choose what dream states are the most refreshing. I have also noticed that sometimes it is enough to reach a particular states and dream and see particular things to get the tiredness load off in just a few seconds (of experiencing a particular dream). That never frees you from the requirement of the full-scale normal sleeping, but comes handy in some situations –  noncom Mar 27 at 22:14

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