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Imagine a human colony on an inhabitable planet with 0.2 Earth gravity. Would people eventually weaken to the point where average person could jump and throw things about the same distance as Earthicans? Or would it be higher or lower?

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Though I think this can be on topic but I request that you don't just "pose" a question to an audience and wait for what they say. Make your effort in answering the question –  WYSIWYG 13 hours ago
I'd recommend taking this to the chat instead: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/1997/biology –  Armatus 6 hours ago
@WYSIWYG I have no relevant knowledge about human physiology or how environment different from Earth's affects human body, so I can't make any kind of educated guesses at this point, which is why I simply asked if anyone happens to know something about it. –  user1306322 4 hours ago

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