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I bought a goat back in the spring. It delivered a kid, and I milked the nanny goat all summer. Now I've got several months of twice-daily milking data from this goat (weight in grams of milk). I don't know what statistical methods I can apply to this data, or, more specifically, which ones will tell me new and exciting things about the data beyond the basics (running averages, running variance, etc.). What are the usual methods used for this kind of biological data?

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First, I think you should start with questions rather than statistics. What are are you curious about that you might be able to answer with the data? Statistics doesn't generate information, it is always dependent on the question you are asking. Second, you might find a more satisfying answer on the Statistics stack exchange site: it's more active, and depending on your questions biology might not be necessary to answer it. You'd be surprised how often a biological phenomenon is due to underlying mathematics rather than biology. Good luck with your goats! –  A. Kennard Nov 30 '13 at 19:03

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