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What methods can be used to determine whether they are authentic or fake?

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You are getting this Elisa Kit spam from China, too? The only way I see, would be to use a known reference standard so you can titrate both the specificity and the sensitivity of the kit. Ideally you would compare it with a known and proven kit. If you have the reference available in the lab and the cheap kit is not too expensive you can give it a try. I would do it, since work time and reagents also cost money.

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the problem is, one of the reasons these kits are so expensive (at least the ones from reputable companies) is because they spend time and money to make sure the kits actually work and give reproducible results. For me, if I don't trust the quality of the supplier, why would I even think of possibly compromising the integrity of my data with substandard reagents? –  MattDMo Dec 26 '13 at 0:49
Its the same for me. I don't order from suppliers where I am not sure about the quality. We routinely test substances from cheaper companies but there we either get tipped by colleagues or the stuff is so much cheaper, that we can give it a try. I don't see this for Elisa kits. And even if one batch is ok it doesn't necessarily mean that the next is as well. From the known suppliers we can be sure. –  Chris Dec 26 '13 at 0:52

Just a few direct ways can figure out whether Elisa Kits are authentic or not.

1.proposing to visit their factory. Generally bait company does not agree with it.

2.Complete range of kits. If a company has every and each ELISA Kit, it is usually fake. Unless they are very large and professional companies, such as abcam, cellsignal, sigma, sabbiotech and so on.

3.See the price. If prices are ridiculously low, but in the name of large companies such as import R&D raw materials packaging. This ridiculously low price can't even afford the raw materials, which company will sell at a loss?

Hopefully useful to you.

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