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One of my friends has allergic rhinitis and has been prescribed an oral vaccine. He is allergic to 3 different classes of substances and so, has been given 3 different types of vaccines. He has to place them below his tongue.

I am curious about some of the procedures he has to follow.

1.How does a vaccine of this type work ?

2 He has been given 2 vials for each type of vaccine. First one is labeled SRS and other one as I understand is - it's allergen. So, What is SRS ? What's the requirement of it ?

3 It is written in the instructions that he should not eat anything one hour before and one hour after taking the vaccine. Why ?

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SRS-A stands for slow-reacting substance of anaphylaxis. It is a leukotriene which causes eosinophil chemotaxis and thereby causes allergic reactions in rhinitis. The described technique is called sublingual immunotherapy. I am not sure how it works (Cant find any article on that. Most articles are from medical journals which don't emphasize on mechanism). I shall find out and get back. –  WYSIWYG Jan 23 at 5:11
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