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What are the health effects of being exposed to a very strong electromagnetic field caused by two resonating superconductive coils (not static magnets) for a period of years?

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Your question would be a good fit for Skeptics[skeptics.stackexchange.com]. There, you can provide a claim and they will tell you if there is some scientific support for this claim. And there are already many questions asked on the subject. If you can't find your answer, I'd suggest you to re-ask your question on skeptics.SE –  Remi.b Feb 6 at 11:42
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Actually the applications of magnetism to organic systems is new to Science. Duke Univ in NC is currently experimenting with humans sticking their heads into large electromagnetic coils while electrodes are attached to the outside of the skull. A small amount of research has been done with magnetism and plant physiology (my interest), but in the main very little published research is available on the topic. I might direct you to use Scholar.Google to find more technical articles rather than just using Google itself.

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Found some papers when looking in google for "prolonged electromagnetic exposure".

"From the present findings it may be hypothesized that EMF may cause alteration of some brain functions." - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9453708

Beyond what modern science says, the Dao De Jing (which is NOT a "mystical" book, as some seem to think) says that

"The world is an alive structure
can't be controlled
can't be catched.
Who controls it, spoils it,
who catches it, loses it.
the sensible don't control
thus don't spoil it,
don't catch, thus don't lose it."
(Dao De Jing 29)

Looks like "a very strong electromagnetic field caused by two resonating superconductive coils" is something ready to spoil a lot of living things!

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Why can't the OP do some google research? There are lots of scientific papers on the subject! –  Rodrigo Feb 3 at 14:14
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