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I have learned (probably in high school?) that hairs turning white is caused by the part of the folicle which produces the pigment dying and being replaced by an air bubble. This sounds very irreversible.

I have long dark brown hair, and since I turned 25, I have had a few white hairs here and there. It is not unusual to find hairs which have a dark tip but are white at the root, which fits the above theory.

But I also have hairs which are the opposite: the lower ten centimeters are pure white, but at some point, there is an abrupt transition to dark brown, and the hair is dark again up to the root. This is all a natural phenomenon, I haven't used dyes or bleaches.

So what makes white hair white, if it can turn back to dark? Why would a single hair turn back?

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Hair colour is maintained by a pigment called Melanin which also affects skin colour too. When the melanin content in your hair decreases, it turns grey and eventually white. Multiple factors affect melanin levels in your body.

1) age

2) Genetics

3) Diseases

4) Cell Stress

You can read about them in a little more detailhere. I cannot specifically pinpoint if you have deficiency in a particular mineral or the reason for your hair whitening is hereditary from your question. It could be a singular reason or a combination of different problems. Some solutions to treat hair can be found in this link (and plenty more if you Google it). If that doesn't work, I would suggest you meet a certified Dermatologist specializing in hair treatment.

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Other possible reasons can be:

  1. Mental Stress.

  2. Lack of physical activity.

  3. Deficiency in vitamin E.

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Can you add some references? –  Chris Jul 22 at 12:40

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