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I wonder if anyone has some interesting matterial on the biological basis of inflamatory foods.

  1. I'm interested in pin-pointing the (in)complete set of (known) causes in the form of a list and maybe even reduceing some of them into one another, finding out the most important ones. What attributes of food cause inflamation (please be free on listing them in a brainstorming manner, be non systematic if you want). I read some articles that high-glicemic load and its efects in the speed insulin levels are increasing after the food intake are a factor in the inflamatory response to a particular food. What are the causes in matterial terms (what specific properties of food) cause high GL and are the high GL producing factors the only causes of inflamatory response.

  2. A comparison between kefir and milk would be beneficial when listing the attributes (knowing that neither of them will illustrate all of the causes maybe in both sides at least a couple of lines comparing them would suffice).

I know I'm asking a lot, so thanks in advance :)

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Some reserch in kefirs antiinflamatory qualities: kefir.it/pdf/… –  Mindaugas Bernatavičius Feb 9 at 21:32

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