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I understand what is DnaA, its role in replication and the fact that it's only active when binding ATP. I don't understand what are DARS and RIDA and how they control the amount of DnaA-ATP:DnaA-ADP

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ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2685538 seems to explain what DARS (DnaA reactivating sequence) and RIDA (regulatory inactivation of DnaA) are, and provides a source of references for further research. –  Alan Boyd Feb 11 at 10:42
Thank you, that article explains very well how DARS works. But I still don't understan what is RIDA.. is it a specific sequence of DNA, like DARS? Is it a mechanism that causes transition from DnaA-ATP to DnaA-ADP? Is it a mechanism of transcription regulation for DnaA? –  Alice Feb 11 at 12:14