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What do you think is the most powerful method to extend human lifespan? I want to extend human life span significantly (hopefully extra 50 years or more), so I was expecting that stem cell technology would help me to do this. But after considering the following, I'm not sure what to study for my purpose.

There are three major manmade stem cells: ES, iPS, and STAP. Stem cells are generally considered as effective tools for life extension technology, but I don't know whether or not all of the three stem cells contribute to it, since iPS and STAP require adult somatic cells whose DNA already experienced some aging process according to DNA damage theory of aging. So, even if these stem cells are used for adult in attempt of renewing organs, they cannot make him/her younger. Since further development of ES cell cannot be seemed optimistically due to legal restrictions, no manmade stem cell still seems to me the strong candidate to extend human lifespan significantly.

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I may have made a confusion about my definition of contribution. I mean that these manmade stem cells don't seem to survive after the aging effect of DNA will be significant. We don't know when the aging effect of DNA becomes fatal, but it seems obviously so short that I cannot expect that treatment with manmade stem cells would make you alive until 150 years old or around. The following link is another reference to DNA damage theory of aging, though it's not a scientific paper. ellisonfoundation.org/content/… –  Aran Komatsuzaki Feb 12 at 7:02

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Strictly speaking ES cells are not man made, they come from blastocysts so already exist in nature. One thing you're forgetting is that even though stems cells that come from adults(experience aging) like iPS cells , they are reprogrammed to a naive or new state and thus are thought to "start all over" including getting longer telomeres(which shorten as you age). This process is not fully understood but as far as we understand , iPS cells reprogrammed from adult somatic cells would be just like young cells that have not aged.

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