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It can spread in blood (Type III secretion system -> apoptosis). I am interested if there is any others ways to move.

Do Yersinia spp have anything virulence factors to move?

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Yersinia enterocolitica does express flagella at a temperature around 25°C, but not at 37°C. Kapatral et al. Besides that it can rely on peristaltic movement in the intestines.

Yersinia pestis is as far as I know nonmotile in the host, but motile if isolated Medical Microbiology.

As there are some other Yersinia species, including Y. pseudotuberculosis of course, I think you cannot totally generalize the answer for Yersinia spp., but searching for the Yersinia of interest with "flagella", "motility", "movement" or similar keywords on Pubmed might help.

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