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I'm doing a self science project, it's easy if i have a lot of money to buy a Mueller-Hinton agar bottle from Ebay for about 110$ (include shipping cost). The main problem is it is very expensive for me. Please help me to prepare it using possible local substance.

Based on the formula on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mueller-Hinton_agar . It's possible to buy Agar here from supermarket. But i don't know where to get other like beef infusion, casein hydrolysate, and starch. Any tutorial for prepare this type of agar ?

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Could you tell us what exactly your project this ? Or why you need to use only this type of agar ? We could then provide some cheaper substitutions. –  biogirl Feb 15 at 8:45
@biogirl thank you for your reply, i'm trying to test antibiotic using 'Kirby-Bauer antibiotic testing method' . Based on it require : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agar_diffusion_test . "The media used in Kirby-Bauer testing must be Mueller-Hinton agar at only 4 mm deep, poured into either 100m or 150mm Petri dishes.". Because it is a non-selective, non-differential medium. This means that almost all organisms plated on here will grow. It would be great if you can give me some cheaper substitutions, but i worry that it still expensive. Anyway, thank you so much. –  Đức UltraSoft Feb 15 at 11:00
There are a number of reasons that don't think this is a good type of experiment for home science. With a non-selective medium like M-H agar you will allow all bacteria, including dangerous pathogenic ones, to grow. This poses a serious health hazard for you and the people you interact with. Labs studying pathogenic bacteria follow rigorous safety codes, which require them to have some expensive containment devices, like lateral flow hoods. I do not think you can keep your home lab clean enough on a budget to ensure the safety of yourself and others. –  A. Kennard Feb 15 at 12:03
Just to play devil's advocate here, a domestic pressure cooker should be fine for sterilisation, much cheaper than $1000. For beef infusion you could try making your own (just boil minced beef and filter to get the broth), or maybe try salt-free bouillon. Starch should be no problem. Casein hydrolysates are sold as muscle-building supplements (avoid flavoured versions!). ... –  Alan Boyd Feb 15 at 12:19
If you mean that you intend to re-use plastic dishes, then I don't have a suggestion for you. As far as beef extract is concerned why not just try something and see what happens. I’m sure that you can buy soluble starch. –  Alan Boyd Feb 15 at 14:51

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