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What would happen if you took the deadliest diseases/viruses in the world and combined them in a single medium (a solution of water or a test subject)? Would the strongest virus defeat the rest or would a new deadly virus be created?

I need to know this because I am going to be an evil scientist.

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Viruses in the same cell can recombine (although they don't always do). This can happen by crossing-over of the genomic strands or reassortment of genomic segments. Therefore, you can get a new virus out of the fist two. The new one is not necessarily deadlier than the first two. If there's no recombination, the test subject will enjoy both diseases until the deadliest one kills him.

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You're right : evil scientists are the best. You can start here : Viral Genetics Have fun. – Manuella Feb 15 '14 at 17:34

See viruses are made to destroy the host, not other viruses, so putting different types together really wouldn't have much an effect would it? as Manuella answer says, the host cell will simply suffer (or enjoy as he says) with both at once. Viruses don't mate so I sincerely doubt there would be a "combination". What some [evil] scientists are doing is that they take bacterium or viruses and they genetically modify them, and though this is a seriously tedious process, a bio-weapon could be created. Google bio-weapons and how they are made by governments.

Also, this would probably cost you a TON of money to do such a dangerous and complex project, and I doubt that anyone sensible would sponsor you.

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To reply your humor

The powerpuff girls would be born.

To answer your question

Poison + poison = poison. They aren't integers to give you a result of 2poison. Viruses are a gatewat between living and non living organisms so they would barely mate and produce a more deadly virus. You might have been a fan of Umbrella Corporation (the company working as bio-weaponary making company which tests virus and takes over world) but in real life they don't work as we think they should.

Some virus would reverse the effect of the bad virus too. Thus as other answers has told you that being evil would cost you much more money than you think.

Bacterias are living viruses are both, so some would double up the disease whereas some might lessen down the effect of other virus.

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