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After I treated J774 cells ( a mouse monocyte/macrophage cell line ) with Clostridium difficile Toxin B (1 ng/ml for 44 hours), I noticed several small circles inside of a seemingly dead cell.

enter image description here

I'm sure someone has seen this before, but I don't know what it could be. Are the little circles in the cell indicative of a certain type of cell death? I'm curious. Any ideas are very welcome.

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Did you notice if these coincided with any other markers (ie Caspase 3), or have you done any immunostaining? –  Atl LED Feb 20 at 17:25
A really easy one to try would be a DAPI stain to check karyorrhexis. No expensive antibodies on that one. Also do you have any more photos you can show of the toxic condition? Karyorrhexis is usually indicative of plain old apoptosis. –  Atl LED Feb 20 at 17:41
Is that a cell with "balls" inside it, or is it one or more apoptotic cells clustered together? It's rather difficult to tell just from the one image you have. –  MattDMo Feb 21 at 1:14
Also, while I agree that you should first do a DAPI/Hoechst stain, if you're going to be looking at apoptotic markers I'd recommend going for cleaved PARP first. 44 hours is very well along into apoptosis, and there may simply be no cleaved caspase 3 left. –  MattDMo Feb 21 at 1:37
Thanks for the input MattDMo and Atl LED! I'm going to start with DAPI since it is simple, and then move from there if needed. –  Kevin Feb 21 at 23:05

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