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I need some help with this question in the image posted. As you can see in the instructions, I'm asked to map the genes. So the first thing I did is write out the alleles corresponding to each phenotype. Just in case you cant see, I'll type them too:

wildtype TtBbHh black TtbbHh Black hooked TtbbHh truncated, hooked ttBbhh Hooked TtBbhh Hooked, truncated, black ttbbhh truncated, black ttbbHh truncated ttBbHh

Are these even right? And is the order correct. Also, most importantly, what about number c? If they want the distance between b and k, shouldn't we pick out the phenotypes with Bbtt and then bbTt but when I did so, the answer didn't seem quite right? I did the same for the rest and was quite unsure?

So would someone please be able to help? I very much appreciate it. And thanks in advance!! enter image description here

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