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Are there any fungi whose spores can survive 100+ degrees for 15 minutes and grow in a sugar-deprived medium?

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According to Sterflinger, some black yeasts may qualify:

Rock inhabiting meristematic fungi are extremely tolerant against high temperatures, desiccation and osmotic stress. Their temperature tolerance increases with increasing dehydration of the fungal thallus. Air dried mycelia of black yeasts stand temperatures up to 120 degrees C for at least 0.5 hours

More recently, Suryanarayanan et al. ( have published the discovery of several fungal environmental isolates able to survive dry heat sterilization for 2h at 100+ degrees C. Growth testing was done on Potatao Dextrose Agar (PDA).

Among 25 species of Ascomycota isolated from leaf litter, nine were able to grow after incubation in a drying oven for 2 h at 100 °C; the spores of two of these species survived 2 h incubation at 110 °C, and one survived exposure to 115 °C for 2 h." (...) Craphigera and Phoma sp. survived 2 h incubation at 110 °C; the conidia of Bartalinia sp. were the most resistant and survived exposure to 115 °C for 2 h

The isolates which survived at least 2h at 100 C were:

  • Bartalinia sp. (NFCCI 2307)
  • Chaetomella raphigera (NFCCI 2308)
  • Curvularia sp. isolate 2 (NFCCI 2311)
  • Drechslera halodes (NFCCI 2312)
  • Leptosphaerulina sp.
  • Pestalotiopsis sp. isolate 1 (NFCCI 2309)
  • Pestalotiopsis sp. isolate 2 (NFCCI 2313)
  • Phoma sp. (NFCCI 2310)
  • Pithomyces sp. (IMTECH 9398)
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