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Because there's potential for them to be more readily purged in hemizygous males (and in cell lineages in females with the deleterious-allele-bearing chromosome activated), I would expect the frequency of deleterious alleles to be lower on this chromosome than in autosomes. Is this information known?

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Just to make sure I understand the question. When you say "Is this information known", you actually ask "Are empirical observations coherent with this hypothesis?" –  Remi.b Mar 5 at 10:08
Yes, that's at least in part what I mean. Thank you, @Remi.b. I imagine other hypotheses might also explain this empirical observation, if it indeed exists. I would also be interested to know whether this particular hypothesis has found stronger support than alternative hypotheses. But I would be most curious, as you say, about whether empirical data supports this prediction. –  Atticus29 Mar 9 at 3:09

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