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I am looking for molecular tech' which could give a transient gene silencing in plants. The objective is to not make transgenic plant, but use these tech' to silence gene of interest for a short time. From my limited knowledge, I found that virus induced gene silencing (VIGS) may be an option, I wonder how easy and how long such silencing last? Is there any alternative method?

I don't have any candidate gene to be silenced at this moment, but the tissue will be flower. so it would be nice if the protocol works for flower.

Thank you in advance

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I haven't worked on alpha viruses since my first rotation in grad-school, but an important question that needs to be answered is when are you infecting the plant? If try to infect fully formed flowers you might have a hard time getting effective silencing across the whole tissue. –  Atl LED Mar 14 at 3:00

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