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I've reading about proteomics and how it can be used with mass spectrometry to sequence digested peptides.

Reading this paper the author states (in box 2):

peptide fragmentation induced by collisions with residual gas, and bond breakage mainly occurs through the lowest energy pathways - that is, cleavage of the amide bonds

Why is cleavage predominately at the amide bond? What makes the amide bond the lowest energy pathway?


Steen, H., & Mann, M. (2004). The abc“s (and xyz”s) of peptide sequencing. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, 5(9), 699–711.

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This question is probably better suited to Chemistry.SE –  MattDMo Mar 11 at 20:49
@MattDMo While this is a chemistry question, it is also about biologically important molecules, so it is still on-topic here. –  Mad Scientist Mar 11 at 21:34

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