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Jimbo suffers a lesion to the entire right half of the spinal cord at the T6 level. A few weeks after his injury, his doctor tests his right and left legs for somatic sensation and tone. fill out her chart concerning the absence or presence of different sensations and muscle tone in the lower limbs. Mark a for absent, P for present

Right leg: Light touch, Pain, Proprioception, Temperature, Hypertonicity, Hypotonicity Left Leg: Light touch, Pain, Proprioception, Temperature, Hypertonicity, Hypotonicity

what about if the lesion is in C1 or L5? where would it affect (leg/hand..) and fill out the above chart?

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Is this a homework question? If so, please use the tag and show how far you got with an answer so far. –  Chris Mar 16 at 14:49
it's a practice question. I have no clue how to proceed... –  user3281911 Mar 16 at 15:17
For the sensation aspect, dermatomes are a big hint. They will give you a rough idea of some of the motor neuron projections. I'd recommend trying to fill in all that you can and ask specific questions about the portions you don't understand (in the form of "Okay, I know that X ascending tract has been likely damaged, so there's likely to not be any information about Y propagating above a certain level...so, will this mean...") rather than just dropping off the assignment. This is a very useful exercise :) –  jonsca Mar 16 at 22:24

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