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I am trying to understand this schematic figure. I do not understand Latvian so I have to think what they mean by the words krusu, aiznesosais and pienesosais.

I think they mean something like drainage from upper body, middle body and lower body. However, I am not sure what they exactly mean.

enter image description here

Which words can you use to describe these three parts in the lymphatics circulation?

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Krusu limfads is pointing to the thoracic duct. @MattDMo is probably correct on the rest. –  kmm Mar 19 at 20:35

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Google Translate has a Latvian option, and I happen to have some free time. "Krūšu" means "pectoral", and "limfvads" means "lymph ducts" from the meanings of "limf" (easy) and "vads" which means "wire, duct, or canal". "nesošais" means "the supporting". "Aiz nesošais" (two words) seems to mean "behind-bearing", while "Pie nesošais" means "at carrier" or "to carrier". I would assume then that Pienesošais limfvads are afferent lymph ducts (they look like they're heading toward the lymph node, "limfmezgls") while the Aiznesošais limfvads are efferent lymph ducts, draining the lymph node. Or vice versa, I'm not sure.

At any rate, I'm sure you'd get much more out of figures that are in English, or your native language, rather than trying to decipher Latvian physiology drawings. A Google Image Search for "lymphatic system" or "lymph circulation" or what have you will be a hundred times more useful than this particular source.

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