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Would someone please be able to help with questons 3 or 4. (one of the at least please)

please don't report his as off-topic. first, this is NOT a homeowork question. It's a practice question I am doing. And I genuinely need help to actually understand. Also, I have attempted to put in all that I know but I have no idea how to do questions 3 or 4.

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The questions were closed not because they are "homework" type. It is because you didn't try to look up for an answer yourself. Please add your analysis/opinions with the question . It may be incorrect but that doesn't matter. Don't simply forward it from your TA to here :P –  WYSIWYG Mar 21 at 6:58
How do you know I didn't try to look them up? Where's your proof I didn't? Why are you saying things that are not true? –  ApothemCyte Mar 21 at 13:31

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