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Are there any common plants that contain compounds with anti-microbial effects? I tried googling the answer, but got bogged down in bio-jargon abstracts. What I'm really looking for is some plant that I can easily acquire that is known to have an inhibitory effect on microbe growth, specifically E. coli and yeast. Are there any plants like this?

Thank you!

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most herbs have some anti microbial activity. tumeric, rosemary, basil... –  shigeta Mar 25 at 6:01
there are lots of them.. where do you live ?? Some are more likely to be found in your geographical region.. See this list –  WYSIWYG Mar 25 at 6:36
What do you plan with these? –  Chris Mar 25 at 7:27
Onions, garlic, probably anything acidic, depending on how you use it? But this sounds a little like a medical advice question for home remedies. –  skymninge Mar 25 at 7:38
@Chris, This is just for a fun bio project I'm doing. WYSIWYG, your list is incredible! Thank you :) I settled on thyme, since it was the easiest to obtain from my house. –  sredmond Mar 25 at 21:04

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