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Most people I know find nature beautiful and holidays generally involve a place that has 'natural beauty'.

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I would say that beautiful is pretty subjective and has nothing to do with evolution. It is more something that humans find interesting, probably because of some romantic ideas. – Chris Mar 26 '14 at 21:23

We find valleys pretty. We find mountains pretty. We like sunshine and clouds.

I'd say all these have some advantages. Trees you can climb. In valleys you have protection. From mountains you have a good view across the landscape.

So yes it does make sense that we like nature. We like things that are good for us. Like fertile land and food.

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Bright colors can attract a sexual partner as they are beautiful and are often a sign of good health. So, if you have bright and beautiful colors, you'll attract a partner to reproduce more easily than other and your genes will pass to the next generations. So, some animals are "beautiful" because of sexual selection. For flowers, bright colors and perfume attract pollinators, so the brighter the better to reproduce. Of course, as beauty is all relative, not all flowers or animals are "beautiful" according to humans' tastes. But they suit the environnement the organism lives in and whatever is needed to get to reproduce. Sexual selection is not the answer to everything you find beautiful but it explains some.

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