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Are animals able to tell the difference between other animals. I dont mean like a cat seeing a dog and thinking "Oh no its a dog". I mean how does prey distinguish predator or threat? Say for instance a pack of wolves are they aware they are of they are the same species? Ive never heard of a pack with a mixture of pack animals say Hyenas and Lions they appear to naturally "not get along". There are also animals which will warn others of danger such as predators, how are they able to distinguish this as a threat? I really hope this makes sense.

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Are you only interested in whether they detect others consciously ? –  biogirl Mar 28 at 2:27
Not whether they detect others more HOW they do? –  Srb1313711 Mar 28 at 9:37
So, if I understand, your question is: "How do animals recognize individuals from other species as being individuals form other species?". Is it correct? Are you interested in sensing and perception from a physiological point of view? Are you interested in the question of perception in cognitive science? Are you interested in learning abilities or more generally speaking in cognition? There seems also to have a second question which concerns communication. If I understand your questions correctly, I'd suggest that you split your question in two and ask the communication part on another post. –  Remi.b Mar 28 at 22:57
Thanks for your response but communication is not what I'm interested in. I am interested in anything you can give me on this question be it Physiological or Cognitive or anything else –  Srb1313711 Mar 31 at 9:16
You would want to do a search for "feature detection" in sensory systems. The answer to your question is quite broad but that should narrow it down. –  JustCurious Apr 19 at 22:47

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