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So Ive heard that when we sleep for a good 8 hours we dream quite a few times? But we only remember very little of them if any, is this true? How is it known that multiple dreams occur if most of them can never be remembered? This seems like a statement that cannot be proven? Its like saying you 3 cups of coffee everyday when no ones looking you just don't remember doing it? If no one else can see and you don't remember how has this been discovered?

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Dreams are closely linked to rapid eye movement sleep (REM). If you wake up someone when they're in REM, they'll often recall that they were having a dream, even if they almost never remember dreaming when they wake up in the morning. That's how we know that most people have more dreams than they remember. –  octern Mar 28 at 21:09
Although as a single person I cannot reflect a population, I have several dreams every night and remember at least 3-4 –  AndroidPenguin Mar 29 at 10:22
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