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I would like to grow E coli cells on cellophane on top of LB plate, and then grow yeast cells on the same LB plate. Does (or how well) yeast grow on LB plates? Is there a composition media that can be good for both E. coli and yeast? Has anyone done this experiment?

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not sure if LB is a good medium but yeast does contaminate bacterial plates often. Fungi also grow easily. May not be the most optimal medium but nonetheless fungi seem to be quite robust. – WYSIWYG Mar 29 '14 at 9:40

Not well, they need dextrose. Use YBT:

20 g Casein Peptone Tpe-M 10 g Yeast Extract 20 g Dextrose 17 g Agar

q.s. to 975 mls in di-water.

pH to 6.2 w 5M NaOH

q.s. to 1L with di-water.

Autoclave for 45 min at 121C

Aseptically dispense in Petri dishes.

Store at 4C for up to 12 weeks.

If you want to grow Co-culture do so in LB supplemented with 20g/L Dex.

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