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I am trying to find any publication about laser surgery to stop the damaged sinus node which cannot anymore beat.

I could only find publications which modifies SA node function. I am not sure if it is possible to stop the SA node function completely or make it work together with AV with the frequency of 60 Hz.

I am not sure if it makes any sense to put SA node work with the same frequency as AV node. They are at different locations so there would short time gap which can alter the heart function. So I am not sure if this would make the beating of the AV node easier.

So inactivating this area by laser:

enter image description here

where I am not sure if you can

  • inactivate Bachmann's bundle (left atrium) because how else can the atria contract then.

So probably much smaller area can inactivated like only the circular SA node.

Is there any publications about laser surgery to stop sinus node from beating or to make it beat together with AV node?

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