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I am trying to develop a planar (two dimensional) lattice based framework to simulate ring (circular) DNA and proteins. To verify my model, I need to simulate real DNA and proteins. The base idea for my simulation is that the a DNA or protein molecule is simulated with minimum energy if the lattice is simulating is canonical or simplest form. I would like to know examples of real DNA or proteins which are circular and planar. Thanks in advance for your help.

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As this question is unanswered for quite a while now, probably you need to rephrase your question to make it clearer. –  Chris Aug 5 at 13:31
do you mean plasmid DNA? –  Bez Aug 5 at 15:45
@Bez, yes, I do. –  Omar Shehab Aug 5 at 21:54
Could you please edit (perhaps even re-write) your question to make it clear what you mean by simulating DNA and proteins and what you mean mean by saying the DNA and protein molecules are simulated with minimum energy? are these computer simulations or something else? could you provide some reference for the basis of this project? I'm not sure what you mean by circular proteins. Perhaps try looking at DNA or RNA polymerase or associated proteins such as helicases. –  Bez Aug 5 at 23:14