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What method of breathing provides a sudden surge of oxygen into the lungs filling it as full as possible in volume and density. Deep breaths? Shallow breaths? Breaths taken while bent over? Deep inhales followed by further inhales. Breaths held? Movement while breaths are held?

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@WYSIWYG can't we just talk about it from a scientific perspective in abstract? assuming ease and procedure are a non-issues. of all the variant methods which is the most optimal and what makes it so. –  caseyr547 Apr 23 at 2:19
@WYSIWYG what about this question will it work? –  caseyr547 Apr 23 at 2:56
Don't quite understand why this is an off-topic. Anyway, the deep inhales with full exhales are the most effective when it comes to lung ventilation. This is because you have a so called 'dead space' - about 150 ml of air in your pathways (mouth, trachea, etc). So if you inhale 200 ml, only 50 ml will get its way to alveoli which is 25%. If you breath in 600 ml, 600-150=450 of air will get to the lungs which is 75%. –  ctapobep Apr 23 at 5:59
@ctapobep. The question was explicitly about usage of inhalers, which as per the site's policy is off topic (medical advice). This edit seems to be fine and can be reopened. –  WYSIWYG Apr 23 at 6:06
I don't see any question seeking medical advice here –  rhill45 Apr 23 at 16:40

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