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I'm not a huge animal fan, but my experiences show that some (most?) of the dog breeds are active and need exceptionally lot of place to stay healthy and happy.

What's the reason behind it? I know that it's not true for every breeds.

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Isn't that the same for any mammalian species including human beings. We all need our space to stay active and be happy. –  The Last Word Apr 25 at 4:30
Some of the breeds that you are talking about are specifically bred for aesthetics. Many of these breeds suffer from different kinds of health problems compared to their wild counterparts. Therefore they require quite some care. –  WYSIWYG Apr 25 at 4:36
This question could be reformulated into something like: What are the reasons that makes humans and many animals in need of spaces and games? And that might be posted here or on CognitiveScience.SE. Talking of happiness is kinda hard in science because it needs (like any other words you use in science) to be accuratly defined first and I would personally not know what definition to suggest for this concept. CognitiveScience.SE, one will be able to give you a good overview of the importance of games in cognitive developments. –  Remi.b Apr 25 at 12:00
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