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What insect are these? Found them indoors. No wings, just crawling on the walls.

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Where was the photo taken (geographically), at what time of the year, and how large are they (can you include a scale bar in the photo)? All will be useful for answering this question. –  kmm Apr 27 at 16:49

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Looks like a termite; male; after loss of wings.

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This answer could be improved by explaining why you think so - for example find a picture of a male termite with its wings and explain what body parts you compare with the insect in the photo to reach that conclusion. –  Armatus May 21 at 16:50
Thick waist, straight antennae, head position are all consistent with a male termite. –  theBIOguy May 22 at 0:57
Edit your answer to include that and provide a reference or picture for the question author to check up themselves and I would say this is a perfectly sufficient answer :) –  Armatus May 22 at 11:29

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