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I am trying to find any recent study on pattern recognition in nerve signals. It does not really matter the part of the body where the research is focused on. It can be anything from studying activity of one group of nerves to signals coming from an entire limb.

I was only able to find old (1996) research, which could be much more complete with the modern advancements in computing and manufacturing of micro-instruments. Here is an example of an old paper.

P.S. I am generally looking for information on how nerve signals differ within multiple subjects of same specie. For example, how would nerve response to a stimuli differ for two mice from same offspring and how will they differ from it's parents.

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what kind of a pattern do you want to find; what do you mean by signal ? –  WYSIWYG Apr 30 at 9:45
@WYSIWYG some kind of logical sequence of neural activity caused by the stimulus. For example I would want to know if applying hot/cold object to skin of both right and left limbs would cause the sensory neuron to send the same or similar signal (electrical impulse) to the spinal cord. Would it be possible to identify what happened with the limb, having access to part or all of the electrical activity in central and peripheral neural systems, even theoretically. Is it possible to learn what each impulse is about and if it is, should you learn anew for every new body or signals are universal? –  Xeos May 1 at 20:00
I meant what will you capture: Voltage changes ? –  WYSIWYG May 2 at 3:33
@WYSIWYG Yes, it would be synaptic potential. –  Xeos May 2 at 12:58
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