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No conclusive evidence exists that Nanobe structures are, or are not, living organisms, so their classification is controversial. What observations would confirm or refute that an Nanobe is a living organism?

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Sustained metabolism, response to stimulus and of course reproduction. –  WYSIWYG May 1 at 4:50
@WYSIWYG: Wow, you're on a role; clearly you're aware of my other question, so don't see the point in responding to your comments anymore. –  blunders May 1 at 4:57
Being a living or a non-living organism is subject to our definition of what is alive. And we haven't formulated a clear definition of what is life. Moreover, there is probably no such thing as a clear category of existing things that would correspond to what we usually call living things. Beside this comment. I know nothing about the biology of nanobes, so I'm not the guy who will be able to argue whether a nanobe is "more or less alive" than E. coli or H1N1. –  Remi.b May 1 at 6:43
See this, this and this post to get some discussion about the definition of life. –  Remi.b May 1 at 6:44
@Remi.b: Thanks, guess the main issue is that Nanobe wasn't as small is I thought it was, since I was looking for something much smaller; say 1/1000th of it's size. Nanobe is on the same scale as some viruses. –  blunders May 1 at 7:07

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