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I was working on some paving stones and underneath some of them I ran across red worms I see regularly. As I ran across them I would pick them up and fling them in other parts of the garden where they would be more useful.

Under one stone I saw a creature that was about the same size (3-4" maybe) and shape as the worms but very shiny and dark. Possibly black. Thinking it was a worm I went to grab it but it slithered away like a snake very fast. I didn't get a good look and I never ran across anything like that before. Anyone know what it might have been? I'm in NJ, USA.

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without a pic, it would be hard to identify it. Could even have been a baby snake. –  The Last Word May 3 at 7:20
@potterbond007 I wasn't aware that there were snakes that small. I just found this guide on Snakes of NJ and see there are some small snakes state.nj.us/dep/fgw/ensp/pdf/snake_broch07.pdf Might have been a young northern redbelly snake or eastern worm snake based on the photos and descriptions. Seem harmless. I was a bit concerned that it was just a baby and there was a big momma or daddy snake lurking around somewhere but there aren't many good habbits for larger snakes around this area. –  OrganicLawnDIY May 3 at 13:48
If it moved like that, and had no legs, then in your area, it was probably a baby snake. They can be very small, especially when newly hatched. This may mean that there is a snake nest in your neighborhood. –  J. Musser Jul 22 at 0:51

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