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Was there a 'precurser' to viruses? Was there a time before multicelled organisms when viruses existed? A virus can't exist without a host so is it symbiotic?

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Can you be a bit more specific? This is rather broad. –  Chris May 4 at 22:43
Is a virus started by a mutagen affecting DNA during replication ( if this is accurate terminology)? How are Retro-viruses formed? Are many viruses just mutations of 'earlier' viruses. –  user128932 May 4 at 22:51
Just like other organisms, viruses don't just spontaneously "appear" out of nowhere. They evolve from earlier viruses. They can't just "pop out" of the DNA of another species. –  MattDMo May 6 at 2:27
Viruses 'evolve from earlier viruses' from where do the earlier viruses develope? If there were no 'first' viruses that developed did they develope from other types of organisms? –  user128932 May 6 at 3:12

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