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I need to draw simple, phylogenetic tree for kids lecture.

I am looking for an online tool where I can enter organisms (e.g., human, wasp, fungus) and get figure of a phylogenetic tree. Tree should be based on how close those organisms are (I don't need genome alignments).

Similar figure producing tool would be perfect. ## Heading ##

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Just download an existing diagram.. To make a tree you would need to put in reference sequences. –  WYSIWYG May 6 at 11:41
Have a look at this Website. It might be helpful. –  Chris May 6 at 11:49
@WYSIWYG where can I do so? –  Pgibas May 6 at 12:09
You can find images of trees by google search.. but if you want to make a tree yourself you would need some reference sequence. Entire genome is not used for that but some sequences such as 18s rRNA are frequently used. Doing an alignment is inevitable, but the algorithms (such as clustalW) do it under the hood. –  WYSIWYG May 6 at 12:27
you can use itol.embl.de to get trees based on the NCBI taxonomy, but you'd have to use a graphic program to make them prettier –  Michael Kuhn May 6 at 13:17

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