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A lot of them in the bin as new versions were released, I imagine.

I have been looking for early versions of the wall chart, but I've largely come up empty handed. I did find that besides the original version in 1968 there were at least two more editions: one in 1974 and the other one in 1993. However, I found no photos of the first version and only a snapshot of the others.

So, I submit to the powers of the internet. Does anyone know where to look for these old versions of the wall chart (either photos or the physical posters)?

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Which wall chart are you referring to, specifically? –  jarlemag May 7 at 7:44
I was referring to the Boehringer Mannheim (now Roche) wall chart, but I'm sure others would be interesting as well. –  CGom May 7 at 14:50
Look here for the digitized version web.expasy.org/pathways –  Cornelius May 8 at 12:59
Cheers, but that's the current chart. What I'm looking for are the (paper/scanned) versions that preceeded it. –  CGom May 8 at 17:12

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