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I am in great need of help in order to infer the statistical hypothesis tests performed in this paper (Xanthelasmata, arcus corneae, and ischaemic vascular disease and death in general population: prospective cohort study , BMJ 2011;343:d5497 )

The problem with the paper is that the part of Statistical analysis talks about some tests and hypothesis that researchers use but οn the other hand they didn't analyzed those at all.I am trying to understand why they use those methods and how the procedure goes.

In your opinion how do you think that the above reasarch was organized

For example: What methods of hypothesis testing applied by the researchers? (Justify your answer) What type of data should be collected and used in each study above? What do you think is the result obtained from the application of each of these methods?

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i can't make it clear in section Statistical analysis of paper because first they say about some methods but they don't explain why they use those methods and second on what data they use each method? –  user146950 May 11 at 15:31
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