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Race is perhaps one of the most controversial and sensitive issues in anthropology, biology, and other related fields. As a non-scientist, I've used google to probe the disparity between the positions of those who believe that race exists and those who don't. I would like to know what is the generally accepted or most popular stance on the issue of race. Is it that, there is only one human race, and all genetic differences between us are shallow? Or, is it that, different human races exist biologically speaking?

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Is your question answered here? biology.stackexchange.com/questions/14414/… –  kmm May 12 at 14:27
Given the format of this Q&A site, asking for a "mainstream position" seems inadequate. The whole title/question could be re phrased and good answers will be provided. Mainstream is very subjective. –  Cedric H. May 12 at 14:28
it really doesn't exist - genetic variation within a 'race' is usually understood to be as great as between 'races', on the other hand its so convenient that geneticists use terms similar to race for population genetics. What they mean is to try to group individuals by their genetic history, and everyone has a history still. –  shigeta May 12 at 23:43
found a reference for you... ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1893020 –  shigeta May 13 at 13:28

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