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Parvovirus can spread in blood (viremia) to bone marrow. It is detected in some stages of infection in Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). However, I am thinking if it can spread directly with facilitated diffusion from capillaries to brain stem $\to$ and again to brain stem and finally to CSF; actually, I have this kind of diffusion in mind [Costanzo, Physiology, 5ed]

enter image description here

which is very rapid where I think the virus can travel with CO₂, since it is very small virus; the smallest DNA virus; 18-26 nm in diameter. I see no reason why Parvovirus cannot spread to CSF rapidly after viremia. This kind of spreading to CSF may be even faster than to the bone marrow where it lyses the erythroid precursor cells (EPCs); I do not know how fast this virus can cause in CSF, since there is no EPCs.

What are the possible symptoms of Parvovirus B19 in CSF?

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It would be very helpful if you introduce all abbreviations (abbrev.) like this. –  Chris May 26 at 15:12
Yes, I try to keep on that guideline to keep things clear. I made one change about it to the body here. –  Masi May 26 at 15:35

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