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Replication occurs in the former in the nucleus, while in the latter in the cytosol.

In the former, the virus first fuses through the nuclear membrane, transcripts and translates in the nucleus, exocytosed outside nucleus for protein synthesis and fuses again with the nuclear nucleus where it now goes through replication until it is again exerted into the cytoplasm where from which exocytosed out of the cell for budding.

In the latter, there is simply a membrane fusion, other procesess and no fusion with the nucleus until exocytosis out of the cell for budding.

I found this sentence confusing in my study materials that about both

Replication - by fusion.

I think this is a big simplification, since the replications are so much different.

How does the fusion processes of replication differ between Orthomyxoviridae and Paramyxoviridae?

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