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I would like to take an apparatus containing bacteria to another country (Bolivia) from the U.S.. How do I determine whether I am allowed to do this?

The bacteria are:,,,

Also... What is the best way of transporting bacteria from one country to another?

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there are some regulations w.r.t pathogenic strains.. you have to get a certificate issued that says that the sample that you are carrying is non-pathogenic non-hazardous etc – WYSIWYG Jun 3 '14 at 17:27
@WYSIWYG Can you give me the contact information of someone who could help me with that? – okarin Jun 3 '14 at 18:45
it depends on the laws of different governments. Ask someone in the customs. – WYSIWYG Jun 4 '14 at 4:19
Please go through this link and this pdf ( ). Since all of the microbes are Biosafety level 1, you shouldn't have much problems. – The Last Word Jun 4 '14 at 4:22
@TheLastWord Thanks. I'll look through them. – okarin Jun 4 '14 at 6:18

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