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We are trying to find references for experimental models of different pathways of apoptosis (caspase-dependent and -independent intrinsic apoptosis, death receptor type-1 and -2 mediated apoptosis, among others) for a study on cell death and don't really know where to look or what to look for.

What are different experimental models for apoptosis and their references?

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Can you elaborate on what you mean by experimental models of apoptosis? Apoptosis is common to all cells. So you don't need a model for it. You just have to induce it. –  WYSIWYG Jun 26 at 6:16
For example, if you wanted to determine if a drug produces apoptosis through a certain pathway, how would you make sure if that specific pathway was triggered or not? I would think using a model of that pathway (i.e. something that has been verified to follow that pathway) would be necessary. –  Juan Carlos Coto Jun 27 at 4:16
ohh okay.. you don't need models for it.. there are experimental techniques to assay caspase activation, cytochrome release etc.. –  WYSIWYG Jun 27 at 5:45
Great. What is the best way to find them? How do I search for them? –  Juan Carlos Coto Jun 27 at 18:03

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