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Short: Thinking in particular of a Royal Python (US: Ball Python) such as some people keep as exotic companion animals, what sorts of "emotions" or "feelings" are they capable of?

Long: says that

scientific studies show that snakes just don't have the cerebral capacity for [emotions like joy, anger, and affection] but do have "primitive" feelings like aggression, fear, and pleasure

Based on the parts of the human brain where we develop emotions, and on the more primitive brain in a snake, this makes sense, but beyond being able to tell whether it's feeling the primitives such as "fear" or "safety", what "emotions" or "feelings" can we realistically ascribe to a snake?

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Interesting thought. I'd recommend diving into google scholar. – James Feb 7 at 15:03

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While it's widely believed snakes have primitive emotions such as fear, anger, and ,to a lesser degree, pleasure, no one is sure beyond that. Many snake enthusiasts would argue that snakes show more emotion then widely accepted, with studies showing snakes(along with other reptiles) have personalities, though less complex then humans, making it possible for snakes to have more emotions then currently accepted.

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any source on these thoughts? – aaaaaa Aug 11 at 2:52

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