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I am studying how the muscle spasm of lower back can affect the anterior lymphatic drainage in a male obese situation (supine position) and quality of sleep. There seems to be very little lymphatic drainage at the back side itself. I cannot find pictures about it in Sobotta.

Here Sobotta's picture about the region:

enter image description here

where no lymphatic ducts can be seen, since they are in the anterior side. I think some should be seen in the posterior view too.

The visceral fat decreases the anterior lymphatic circulation. However, what is the effect of chronic muscle spasms in the lower back on the lymphatic drainage to the lower body is unknown. Blood circulation is less at that area so less sucking effect is also there around that region.

Inguinal ducts seem to be the closest lymphatic ducts. I think it is little known what is the significance of back muscles in lymphatic drainage. It is also possible that I am searching things with wrong words.

Things which I have searched in NCBI databases

  • posture
  • lymphatic drainage
  • lower back
  • lumbar

This topic is such an cross-section study between Physiology and Physiotherapy that it is difficult to find any scientific studies about it.

How is the lymphatic circulation distributed along the posterior lumbar region? What is the effect of back muscles on it?

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